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Photo credit: Michaela Nicholson

I have perhaps, followed an unusual career path. After qualifying and working in science, I drifted in IT which has supported me well for two decades. But then, a little into my fifties I threw caution to the winds and registered at UCOL to study photography and design and after five years of part-time study I finished a degree at the end of 2018.

Although enamoured by sports photography especially endurance sports, fuelled by my love of triathlon, I am reluctant to restrict my photography by genre and at this stage am ready to shoot almost anything from sports to arty portrait, architectural and landscape abstracts, or commercial imagery. For me photography is a merging of art and technology, and the subject or style is but one of the components involved in making great images.

I was the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography (NZIPP) New Zealand Student Photographer of the Year for 2018, and am NZIPP accredited member with an Associate of Photography distinction.

When not working or behind the camera I might be found swimming, biking, running, or doing Crossfit. And sometimes I travel, dance, garden and play foodie.